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Help on the use CarDamp Base


Registration in the CarDamp

How to get the registration data to access the «CarDamp Base»?

Access to the service «CarDamp Base» can only registered users. Registration in «CarDamp Base» can only get those users who have registered on the forum . Registration in the service «CarDamp Base» automatic and does not require you to refer to the Administration service. If you have an account on the forum, then you can begin sign up in «CarDamp Base». When filling out the registration form in the «CarDamp Base» you must specify the Login and Email, which you use to forum (respecting case sensitive). More: Registration and Your Account

Managing your account

How to deposit money into your account?

To refill your account, use the link in the menu «Add money».

I paid for, how long to wait for funds transfer to my account?

If you have added funds to your account via the website, the account replenishment is usually instant. If you recharge your account using the PayPal payment system, the usual time of payment processing for about two hours, but if the amount of your transfer was less than 20 EUR , while the transfer of funds is 48 hours.

How can I make an urgent payment?

Urgent payment in manual mode is no longer available. Use the form on the website for instant refill. Alternatively, you can use the PayPal payment system, but we can not guarantee that your payment will be processed quickly. We recommend that you refill your account in advance.

What is the monetary unit used in the calculations based on?

All calculations in the database are maintained in EURO (€ = EUR).

Replenishing the CarDamp Base

I can supplement the others' firmware?

No supplement the others' files is prohibited. Replenish the base can only be his work, made a car, added to the database. In this approach, a higher percentage of files and compliance of the part numbers will be enough confidence and more reliable. Trash lined the Internet, we try to brush aside, but users who violate conditions of replenishment base block.

By increases in, I can not add a photo panels and nameplates, the button is not active??

Probably you are using an incompatible browser. Recommended browsers Mozila Firefox, Explorer or Safari.

How to add the desired type of memory chip in the list?

To add to the list of missing memory position has two options. If you choose to upload any type of memory, and in the comments specify the desired position, with moderation, we will add the desired type of memory to the database and correct your record. The second option, make a list of needed items, and send it to us in a short time, your position, we entered into the database.

Edit your recordings

How do I edit information about your file?

The page view information about a file below is a link "Edit".

Checking files moderator

The moderator has rejected my some files how to learn the reason?

The page view information about a file below is a message stating the reason why the file is not received approval.